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Basic Screaming Eagle Assembly

You may need to refer to the 'How To Build A Go Kart' page for further instructions for the rest of your build.

Basic Screaming Eagle Assembly: Text

We recommend getting your hardware from Tractor Supply (cheaper as it's purchased by the pound, not by the piece)

(does not include hardware for sprocket, disc brake, motor, torque converter, etc.)

1/4" bolts: 3/4"long=10; 1"long=6; 1-1/4"long=3; 1-1/2" long=13
     lock washers=29
     flat washers=13
     ni-lock nuts=3

5/16" bolts: 3/4"long=29; 2"long=2; 2-1/2"long=4
      lock washers=35

3/8" bolts: 1"long=4; 2"long=12; 5"long=2
     lock washers=10
     flat washers=4
     ni-lock nuts=8

5/8" bolts: 5"long=2; 8"long=2
     ni-lock nuts=4


  • floor pan: 1/4"x1-1/2" bolt, flat washer, lock washer, nut (x13)

  • pedal mounts onto floorpan: 1/4"x3/4" bolt, lock washer, nut (x8)

  • steering shaft mount onto floorpan: 5/16"x3/4" bolt, lock washer, nut (x5)

  • pedal cable/tie rod(hydraulic brake setup): 1/4"x1-1/4 bolt, ni-lock nut (x3)

  • brake booster(hydraulic brake setup): 5/16"x2" bolt, lock washer, nut (x2)

  • shocks: 3/8"x2" bolt, ni-lock nut (x8)

  • lower adjustable shock mounts: 5/16"x3/4" bolt, lock washer, nut (x8)

  • upper adjustable shock mount assemblies: 5/16"x3/4" bolt, lock washer, nut (x16)

  • adjustable spindle mounts: 3/8"x1" bolt, lock washer, nut (x4)

  • tie rods: 1"x3/8"I.D. bushings (x2), 3/4"x3/8"I.D. bushings (x2), 3/8"x2" bolt, lock washer, nut (x4)   (PLEASE NOTE THAT THE HARDWARE NEEDED FOR THE TIE RODS WILL VARY DEPENDING ON TIE RODS USED, AND THE ANGLE AND HEIGHT OF YOUR STEERING SHAFT)

  • seat mounting square tubes: 5/16"x2-1/2" bolt, lock washer, nut (x4)

  • front a-arms: 5/8"x8" bolt, ni-lock nut (x2)

  • swing arm: 5/8"x5" bolt, ni-lock nut (x2)

  • live axle bearings: 1/4"x1" bolt, lock washer, nut (x6)

  • brake caliper(hydraulic brake setup): 3/8"x5" bolt, lock washer, flat washer, nut (x2)


  • flat washers: between slotted holes and head of bolt, between slotted holes and lock washers, between frame tubes and head of bolt or lock washer

  • lock washers: under every nut that is not a ni-lock nut

And here is some info for hardware tightening. No specific torque specs. But tighten all nuts so that lock washers are flat, and then just a little extra. The bolts with the ni-lock nuts on them should not be tightened fully. They are used at places where there needs to be movement. I'd recommend about a 1/16" of gap with the ni-locks. You don't want them tight causing the joint to bind, but also don't want them so loose that the bolt is sloppy. Also be aware that ni-locks are not intended to be reused. Once you put a ni-lock nut on past the ni-lock ring, if it is removed it should be replaced with a new ni-lock. 

Basic Screaming Eagle Assembly: Text
Basic Screaming Eagle Assembly: Pro Gallery

Attach Rear Swing Arm

Attach the swing arm to the rear of the main frame using 5/8" bolts. Hold the bolts in place with ni-lock nuts so that the arm can swing freely. At this time you can also mount the rear axle and tires, Be sure to put the brake disc and axle sprocket assemblies onto the axle loosely at this time.

You can now mount the rear shocks. The upper shock mount location is height adjustable. Be sure to use four 5/16" bolts on each side of this weldment for proper strength. There are multiple lower mounting locations on the swing arm for the shocks. The positions you use to mount your shocks will affect the ride height and stiffness of the kart to some degree. Note that the lower shock mount can be flipped around to fine tune the mounting location as the 2 sets of holes in it are offset. Example: using a lower shock mount location that is near to the swivel point where the swing arm and main frame attach to each other will make the shock compress more easily. Mounting the shock at a lower position on the upper mount will give you a higher ride height. You will probably need to make several adjustments to the locations you us to find what works best for you.

Basic Screaming Eagle Assembly: Text
Basic Screaming Eagle Assembly: Pro Gallery

Install Front A-Arms

Now you can install the two front a-arms using 5/8" bolts with ni-lock nuts like you did for the rear swing arm. The front shocks mount in a similar way to the rear shocks. With the upper mounts being adjustable height wise and having multiple lower mounting locations. The mounting points in relation to ride height and softness will also be similar. Once you find the mounting points you wish to use you will need to adjust the angle of the spindle mount to adjust the tire toe out/in.

Basic Screaming Eagle Assembly: Text
Basic Screaming Eagle Assembly: Pro Gallery

Mount Floor Pan

To mount the floor pan flip the frame over. Position the floor pan in your desired location, clamp securely, and center punch holes where you want to add bolts. IMPORTANT: If using a floor pan with a top and bottom side that is different be certain you have it upside down at this point. Drill holes through the floor pan and frame at the same time to be sure they will line up when done. Now remove the floor pan and flip the frame over, and bolt the floor pan on.

Basic Screaming Eagle Assembly: Text